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Welcome to Newcastle Goju-Ryu Karate Academy!

We teach traditional martial arts to children, teens and adults with a balance of fun and discipline.

All new students are welcome to a one month free trial before becoming a member!

Founded in 2006 by Aaron Milan-Vega Sensei, we aim to help you with confidence, fitness and much more.

Our long-term members know that we’re not just teaching people to punch and kick. We have a real community focus and family spirit, instilling correct morals and ethics in the messages we put across.

If you think you or your child would be interested in Karate, please check out the links below and contact us with any other queries.

Hope to see you soon!

Benefits of Karate

▶️ Fitness

▶️ Discipline

▶️ Energy

▶️ Acceptance

▶️ Stillness

▶️ Speed

▶️ Agility

▶️ Mental Balance

▶️ Social Skills

▶️ Flexibility

▶️ Self-Defence

▶️ Wellbeing

▶️ Control

▶️ Peacefulness

▶️ Courage

▶️ Morals

▶️ Strength

▶️ Awareness

▶️ Physical Balance

▶️ Friendship

▶️ Determination

▶️ Goal-Setting

▶️ Confidence

▶️ Stress Relief

▶️ Conflict Resolution

▶️ Focus

▶️ Values

▶️ Reflexes

▶️ Coordination

▶️ Motivation

▶️ Fun

▶️ Respect

▶️ Leadership

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