Helpful Resources

Grading Syllabi

Downloadable PDF syllabus documents detailing required content up to black belt.

Kata Videos

Videos of Gojuryu Kata. Please do not use to learn the kata, only as a resource.

Videos do not belong to us and are sourced from YouTube. If a link is broken, please inform us via the contact page.

🎞️ Gekisai dai Ichi (Slow)

🎞️ Gekisai dai Ichi (Fast)

🎞️ Saifa

🎞️ Sanchin

🎞️ Tensho

🎞️ Seiunchin

🎞️ Sanseiru

🎞️ Shisochin

🎞️ Seipai

🎞️ Seisan

🎞️ Kururunfa

🎞️ Suparinpei

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