Grading – Apply Online


▶️ The test will involve a physical & mental examination, where the syllabus for your next grade must be performed to a good standard.

▶️ Parents are welcome to WATCH the gradings! Just come in with your child if you’d like to spectate.

▶️ Results, including belts and certificates will be given to the students on the day.

▶️ If you do not know the material from your required syllabus, your attendance has been low, or Sensei has told you that you’re not ready, please do not apply for your test.

▶️ Students must wear a clean Karate suit with our club badge ironed onto the left side of the chest.

▶️ Older students (8+) must remember their gloves/mitts.

▶️ If you have any questions regarding the tests, please speak with Sensei.


Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th July 2024

* Registration Deadline is Sunday 30th June 2024

Times & Dates

🥋 Little Dragons

Ages 4-8
Stripy belts, going for:

Sat 16th Mar
10am – 11:45am

🥋 Junior Beginners

Ages 8-15
Full belts, going for:

Sat 16th Mar
12pm – 1:45pm

🥋 Junior Intermediate

Ages 8-15
Full belts, going for:

Sat 16th Mar
2pm – 4:15pm

🥋 Junior Advanced

Ages 8-15
Full belts, going for:

Sat 16th Mar
4:30pm – 8pm

🥋 Senior Adults

Ages 16+
Full belts, going for:

Sun 17th Mar
2pm – 5:30pm


👧 1 Student: £30
👨‍👧 2 Students: £55
👪 3 Students: £80
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 4 Students: £105

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